The Immersive World Adventure & 'Quintessence of Dust'

The Immersive World Adventure & 'Quintessence of Dust'

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Trip Details

Our experience is based out of the beautiful Paledora campus, just north of Tulum, and takes place on full days from Thursday March 28th through Sunday March 31st, 2024.

$1,350 gets you:

  • Ticket to the summit, talks, workshops, retreat, and networking.
  • Ticket to the 4-day immersive experience, 'Quintessence of Dust'
  • Ticket to the Xplor Fuego theme park excursion.
  • Vegetarian meals for 4 days.
Note: accommodations and airfare are not included.

Guests will want to book a place in Tulum, near this Super Aki landmark, and arrive on or before March 27th. The usual airport is Cancun, and there is a new Tulum airport as of this year. From March 28th to March 31st, we'll run buses from the Super Aki in the morning to take guests to our different locations and in the evening back to the Super Aki. 

All 4 days -- Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- are full days. A fleet of buses will pick you up in the morning and drop you off at night. During the day, you'll head to campus for breakfast, stick around for talks and workshops and networking both structured and unstructured, then be transported either on-campus or off-campus for the immersive experience. Lunch and dinner are provided as well as breakfast. On one evening, we'll visit Xplor Fuego adventure park as a group, enabling guests to both embark on quests like ziplining and cave exploration while networking with heroes and new friends. 


Welcome to 'Quintessence of Dust'

At the heart of The Immersive World Adventure lies a 4-day saga. This new Epic Immersive experience is a fully-narrative, fully-interactive cultural odyssey through cenotes, jungles, and ruins with a storyline of Shakespearean and mythological breadth. 

Some tickets are still available for The Immersive World Adventure, a 4-day retreat, summit, and immersive experience packed full of workshops to fuel your immersive knowledge, your business skills, your career, and the next chapter of your life. You'll awaken your senses, hone in on yourself as an epic hero on an epic quest, learn the secrets behind immersive smash hits like Meow Wolf and Then She Fell, and build the skills to take your career to the next level with extensive networking and workshops in pitching, fundraising, and business development. Your 4-day journey is holistic, sensory, concrete and practical, immediately actionable, and social as you emerge with the sense of self, newfound skills, and new network to make your wildest dreams into reality. And speaking of wildest dreams...

You'll enter the world of "Quintessence of Dust," a brand-new, stunningly-epic, culturally mind-blowing, and totally-immersive 4-day odyssey. This theatrical extravaganza unfolds like a vivid dream and a cultural kaleidoscope. Your journey begins with an invitation to a destination Indian and Mayan wedding, which kicks off on day with a multicultural sangeet in the jungles of Tulum, an Indian pre-wedding party with entertainment and performances featuring Hindu and Mayan rituals, Bollywood and Bhangra dance lessons, Mayan dancing and drumming performances, delicious food and drink, and tons of ways to involve yourself in the affairs of the wedding while getting to know the characters intimately. 

If you've ever wanted to attend an Indian wedding, go on a tropical vacation to a destination wedding, or immersive yourself in Mayan culture, then good news: you'll have wrapped all of that up by dinner. But as you can guess, the celebrations are prelude to a more intriguing and shocking tale, as you get sucked into a story of Shakespearean proportions with the grandeur of global cultural epics. You'll be woven into a tale of murder, scandal, romance, betrayal and seduction which takes you from wedding ceremonies on the beach to the premiere of a new immersive-experience-within-an-immersive experience, a journey through the fall of the Mayan empire in Shadows of the Jaguar King

Our odyssey continues to realms unseen, as we come face to face with death itself and become more central to the story's unfolding, seeing ourselves as epic heroes on an epic quest in both our lives and this world between worlds. From cenotes to jungles to ruins, you'll dive deep into yourself even as the story sweeps to a climax. The out-of-world workshops and activities complement and contextualize the in-world experience, and you'll even find yourself ziplining through rings of fire on tree tops, exploring underground aquatic caves, and maybe even off-roading through the Tulum jungle. 

Along the way, you'll encounter a panorama of Mexican, indigenous, and global traditions and performances, from sports to religious offerings. You'll always be yourself, but you'll also take on many roles as the story requires, from a Mayan soldier to a noir assassin. Everything from fully-participatory parties and dinners to transcendent and transformative ritual practices is spun together into a potent narrative. 

The Immersive World Adventure is more than a sensory extravaganza; it's a crucible of networking and self-discovery. From structured interactions to organic connections, the experience is crafted to foster honest-to-god thrills, personal transformation, and professional growth. You'll forge lasting relationships and special bonds that will shape your future. 

So, please accept this invitation to a realm where fantasy and reality converge, where cultures and stories intertwine in an exhilarating dance. This isn't just an event; it's a portal to a world of wonders, a journey that will challenge, inspire, and transform you. Get whisked away on a whirlwind adventure like no other you've ever had before or will ever have again. Over the course of 4 thrilling days, you'll embark on a shared quest that shatters the confines of traditional storytelling, weaving an intricate tapestry of culture, mythology, and immersive theatre that comes to pulsating and vibrant life all around you and within you. With an electrified soul, you'll leave forever changed, with 100 new crucial allies, new learnings and skills, a new framework with which to see the world, a charged sense of purpose, and with indelible memories of an unforgettable story and experience that only 100 people will ever get to share. 

The Immersive World Adventure, which includes the immersive experience Quintessence of Dust, takes place for 4 full-days spanning March 28th to March 31st, 2024. Tickets are $1,350 and include all of The Immersive World Adventure and Quintessence of Dust, 4 days of 3 vegetarian meals each, and tickets to Xplor Fuego adventure park. Guests are responsible for their own flights and accomodations; guests are encouraged to stay at Airbnbs close to this Super Aki, from which transport is provided every morning and evening.